Thursday, April 28, 2016 Société des arts technologiques (SAT)

Nicolas Jaar DJ Set

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Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar is a Chilean-American musician and founder of record label ‘Other People’. He is a member of the New York based outfit DARKSIDE. ‘Space is Only Noise’ is the name of his first record. He resides in New York.

Body Meta DJs

The monthly BODY META DJ nights burn a torch in their heart for a bygone era of dance music. We’re talking 1975 thru 1995, when beats had no borders and funk flirted with afrobeat, disco, dub, hip-hop, new beat, early house, synthwave and anything else touched by a groove.

For five hours, anything goes. We’ll stitch it all together, from the sweaty stages of Nigeria to the euphoria of Paradise Garage, taking the scenic route through Factory Records, breakdance obscurities, Walter Gibbons, Soundway Records, and every other pocket in time when a DJ and a record have gotten someone out of the chair and onto the floor.