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Black Atlass

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Black Atlass

Black Atlass is the creation of young visionary singer/songwriter and producer Alexander Fleming. With a carefully crafted body of work delivered to the world with his first self-titled release at 17 years old, the prodigious artist has quickly turned from the underground’s best kept secret to a singular voice and vision traveling from dance floors to runways across the globe.

Not long after his initial self-released debut, his music was earning praise from the likes of Vogue and scoring Louis Vuitton ads, garnering attention from critics and fans and eventually pairing him with NYC-based label Fool’s Gold where Black Atlass delivered his first label release, the 2014 EP Young Bloods. Following the EP, he partnered up with acclaimed musician and director Woodkid and superstar model Anja Rubik for the mind-bending music video for his song “Jewels” and closed out the year with his song “Paris” featured in Yves Saint Laurent’s international men’s fragrance ad. His creative output transcends music; from design to visual arts, everything comes together as a full vision, all mediums adapt to his own universe.

After a lifelong relationship with the piano, guitar, drums, bass, and trumpet, Fleming adopted samplers and drum machines as a teenager to develop the fully-formed musical palette that can only be described as the Black Atlass sound.


Edmond Huszar is OVERWERK. The 23-year old producer and songwriter from London, Canada who introduced himself to the world of electro with the release of his debut EP “The Nth Degree”. Now, one year later, he follows up with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, “After Hours”.

The name OVERWERK stems from Huszar’s early passion for graphic design. Originally the title of a work-in-progress design portfolio called “over worked”, Huszar adapted the name while paying homage to electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. OVERWERK now represents the purest expression of Huszar’s own creative genius.

His sound is undeniably unique in itself as it blends the hard-hitting complexities of electro with the sweeping melodies of house music. What stands out the most, however, is the distinct quality and technicality of his music which firmly sets him apart from the electro community.

“After Hours” is a testimony to the tireless effort and love for music that defines Huszar as an artist. With the utmost devotion to music lovers, he promises to leave fans and first-time listeners with an unparalleled experience. To coincide with this special release, OVERWERK will be bringing his epic sound to clubs and festivals across North America and Europe.